Monday, October 27, 2008

Fr. Quigley's Golden Jubilee

Fr. Quigley at his Golden Jubilee. The original rectory is the setting.

Sisters of Charity at St. Anastasia's, Fr. Quigley's Jubilee

Waiting for the Festivities to begin.

Procession: May Crowning of Mary

In June 1953, Fr. Quigley celebrated the Golden Jubilee of his ordination to the priesthood. It was marked by a celebration neld on church grounds at the Rectory, prominent members of the church and community came to celebrate his 50 years as a Carmelite priest.

He continued to supervise the parish functions and to enforce a strict code of maintenance of buildings and property. He died in Teaneck on Dec.23, 1960, having spent 57 years in the priesthood, 27 of them at St. Anastasia. Jim Bishop was a member of the Jubilee Committee, and he documented the life of Fr. Quigley, including the fact that Fr. Quigley’s father, Pat, became a Carmelite Brother in later life.

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