Monday, October 27, 2008

Church Views: Photos and Architectural Drawings

In 1987, plans were drawn up that had a baldichino over a relocated altar and a relocation of the Choir to the front of the church. the second drawing shows the sacristy area. The third shows new ramps off of the narthex and a new parking lot, to the east of the church. The last two plans were not realized.(Architects: Genevese/Sikula, 1987, Alteration of St. Anastasia's Church, Fr. Tom Jordan.)

The following photos show the church in 2008: the baldichino and altar are still on the west wall, the furniture has been replaced with benches with turquoise upholstered cushions (Drawing, ___2007; Fr. Daniel O'Neill.) The entrance to the church remains the same; the new plaza pictured in 1987 drawings was not realized.

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