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Credits, References and Links

The blog was prepared by Patricia O'Brien Libutti from materials developed by the Jubilee History Committee, 2007-2008 (Mary Lou Abrams, Chair; Patricia Libutti and Erin Pommerenke.) George Stahl, Doris Thurber and Mary Ellen Schoonmaker edited earlier drafts of this history.
Photography was provided by many photographers over the 100 years. Those that are known include Alice Jacobs, Bob Cope, Fr. Bill O'Malley, Cathy Caceres, Elizabeth Larson, E. Adams, Patricia Libutti.
Videos: Larry Bonnemere.
Logo files: Robert O'Brien.
Documents:Maureen Mahoney, copies of 1954 St. Anastasia graduating class picture; Ann Wagner, copies of Fr. Joe O'Brien's First Mass;Sr. Adrienne Bradley, First Communion photographs and Cornerstone photograph; Lucille Bertram, photographs, Teaneck Public Library;Weilee Liu, scans of Teaneck photographs; Fr. Bill O'Malley, handwritten Announcements journals, 1914-1933, Claire Baker, document, graduating class, 1978.

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